Annual Client Conference- New Orleans Royal Sonesta

Meetings and Conferences offer so much more than simply educating, updating and informing attendees.  They also give participants the opportunity to share their success stories, bounce new ideas and processes off of one another, catch up on business and personal happenings and to socialize.

When reflecting back on the past meetings and conferences that CPS has helped to orchestrate, we like to focus on the highlights!  These highlights can include the destination itself, the host hotel, keynote speakers, themed events, trade shows, comedians, offsite dine-arounds and many other ‘fun and enlightening’ elements.

One such meeting took place in New Orleans a few years back.  Let’s take a look at the highlights…

DESTINATION:  Our client decided to break away from tradition and wanted to explore new sights, sounds and flavors with their valued attendees!   And what better place to capture all of the senses but New Orleans – – a city with a character like no other!  With all of its facets, a New Orleans experience is never anything but completely authentic. Exploding with true Southern charm, gracious hospitality, awe-inspiring architecture, world-renowned musicians and unmatched cuisine, this eclectic city offers something for everyone.  New Orleans doesn’t act a part for its visitors; it simply welcomes everyone with open arms to a world all its’ own.

LOCATION:  Located in the heart of the French Quarter, the Royal Sonesta was the host hotel for this program.  The Royal Sonesta displays a timeless elegance and refinement reminiscent of a time long gone by.  With traditional gabled windows, French doors and wrought-iron balconies, the hotel is distinctively European and unmistakably New Orleans.  Architecturally, the Royal Sonesta stands regally as one of the most beautiful examples of traditional French Quarter design.

SECOND LINE & AMANDA SHAW!  There is nothing more “New Orleans” than a Second Line Parade!  In true tradition, the group gathered together the final evening of the program, picked up their specialty to-go cocktail, donned their carnival masks and followed the brass band onto the streets of the French Quarter.  Dancing, waving and throwing beads to the onlookers, we made our way to Pat O’Briens on the River for a delicious buffet dinner, flowing cocktails and an exciting performance by Louisiana’s own prodigy – – Amanda Shaw!

Ahh…  It’s memories like these that will bring us back together again!