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MeetingsThat Make An Impression

Meetings That Make An Impression

At CPS Meetings + Incentives, we know how important successful meetings are for organizations. They elevate, motivate, innovate and celebrate. Time is valuable to the attendees, facilitators and guests, and it is critical to create a program where the attendees walk away with tools they can use to better their team and business. A well-executed program will do just that - - motivate and generate ideas that can be embraced and applied to continue to grow and strengthen the attendee’s businesses.
  • What training and knowledge is needed to help your attendees with the current challenges they face?
  • Could they use assistance in coming up with fresh ideas and plans to implement new marketing strategies?
  • Is employee hiring and retention one of their biggest pain points?
  • Could innovative motivation techniques improve employee morale?
  • Do you want to strengthen the customer service skills of your team?
  • How do you sell to the different generations and personality types?

The planning and execution of your meeting or conference starts with a WHY. From there, we start putting the pieces of the puzzle together with the design, theme, agenda, and relevant facilitators and keynotes that address your needs. We then bring in innovative and memorable activities and elements that build relationships with your staff, attendees, team, buyers, clients and customers.

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MeetingsThat Elevate + Inspire

Meetings That Elevate + Inspire

We celebrate the power of human connection. Bringing people together in a way that builds loyalty, enthusiasm and creates momentum within your organization.

Tell us about your vision. We’d love to help make it happen.

We are here to ensure events are flawless, on budget and unforgettable.

We’d love to make your next event remarkable.

Our Services

CPS meetings + incentives excellence in service stems from the golden rule of “doing unto others”; doing the right thing, the first time, every time. It takes opportunity, time and dedication to assemble and deliver a list of services complete enough to provide each element of the corporate planning and execution of your meeting + incentive. Following is a list of our standard services included in every program we handle:

Destination and Hotel Site Research

We will discuss your desires & goals and then research/recommend the most suitable destination(s), hotels and resorts, corporate event and unique meeting venues.

Site Contract Negotiation

Possessing 30+ years of experience in vendor management and contract negotiations with hotels and destination representatives, we will negotiate your contractual agreements focusing on favorable client terms, & budget-saving inclusions.

On-line and On-site Registration

We will design, produce, implement and manage an on-line event and meeting registration service, providing our clients with the appropriate link to your own registration website.


We will prepare the arrival/departure schedules of your attendees/guests, and then communicate this information with suppliers of ground transportation.

Entertainment and Show Development

Production is your best opportunity to gather all attendees and infuse them with so much energy and electricity that all other aspects of your event are positively affected by it.

Motivational Speakers

We are your connection to the most current and popular speakers, business visionaries, media personalities, celebrities, sports figures and best-selling authors.

Voluntourism Activities

We’ll discover with you the Corporate Voluntourism activity most appropriate for the community and one that best reflects the messages of your conference or event while aligning with the core values of your business.

Food and Beverage Planning and Event Décor

Events are a time when all of your attendees can gather together, network and celebrate. Food and beverage quality and service is an integral part of any meeting or event.

Customized Documents & Gifts

Custom designed and prepared travel & meeting documents professionally represent your company while communicating everything your attendees need to know to help them prepare for their upcoming event.
Contact Let us help put our resources to work for you. We are here to discuss, plan, and get started.
Contact Let us help put our resources to work for you. We are here to discuss, plan, and get started.

Contact Us

Let us help put our resources to work for you. We are here to discuss, plan, and get started.